David Guarasci
Chief Investment Officer

Patrick Smart

Company Profile

A Sherpa is an expert guide who helps clients navigate challenging terrain and conditions towards their final goal – the mountain summit.  Sherpa Asset Management was founded on this same principle.  At Sherpa, we have the skills, discipline and judgment to safely guide our clients to higher levels of financial well-being.

We believe that a systematic approach to delivering returns with reduced volatility is a large part of the solution to successful long-term investing, and that investors who share these goals will seek the types of investments Sherpa offers.

Sherpa Asset Management provides:

  • Experience and Expertise:  The investment management team at Sherpa has over 50 years of combined experience managing equity, derivatives and capital market portfolios, and includes five former managing directors of major institutions.  The team uses its portfolio management and options expertise to achieve the core objectives of capital preservation, alpha generation through yield and alpha generation through upside and downside capture.
  • Disciplined Investment Process:  Sherpa employs a conservative and disciplined investment strategy with a dynamic approach that offers significantly greater flexibility than long/short funds, mutual funds or traditional investment strategies.  Effective risk management is an essential component of every investment.  We have developed institutional class risk management systems which provide real-time scenario tests and ensure effective hedging and rebalancing of the portfolios.
  • Liquidity and Transparency:  Sherpa only invests in extremely liquid securities.  This ensures effective hedging in times of market stress, and transparent third-party market valuation.  The benefits of this liquidity are passed through to Sherpa’s investors.  Sherpa also provides institutional and individual clients portfolio and risk management transparency upon request.
  • Commitment to Clients:  At Sherpa, we are committed to the highest standard of client service.  In addition to our core offerings, we work with our institutional clients to find investment solutions that meet their unique goals (SMAs, options overlays on existing portfolios, currency hedging, etc), and work with private clients to develop meaningful and achievable long-term investment plans that suit their individual needs.  We also strive to offer our products at a very competitive fee structure.  Sherpa’s partners are invested in the Funds with the same fee structure we offer clients, further ensuring our interests are aligned.