Service and Fees

Sherpa Asset Management’s Commitment to Clients

Client service and superior performance are the highest priorities at Sherpa.  The following are some of the benefits Sherpa provides our clients:

Our Firm

  • Sherpa is an investment firm committed to industry best practices.
  • A high level management team with over 100 years of combined institutional portfolio management experience.

Client Support

  • We provide access to the investment management and risk management teams to discuss investment planning and risk management solutions for all classes of investors.
  • Our management team is always available to discuss clients’ questions or concerns.
  • CIBC Mellon, the Funds’ administrator, sends monthly statements to Fund investors.
  • HedgeServ provides daily transparency and NAV calculations for institutional investors.
  • We provide monthly summaries and quarterly market commentaries to brief clients on key economic events and investment performance.
  • We are committed to delivering superior returns and the highest standard of client service.

Competitive Fee Structure and Structural Alignment of Interests

Fees are a very important component of investors’ net return.  Most individual investors are unaware of the fees they are actually paying due to a lack of transparency and the ‘built-in’ nature of most fees.   In our pursuit of generating better returns for our investors, we strive to provide all products on a lower fee structure than our competitors.  This is in no way an indication of inferior products — in fact, we believe the opposite is true.  It is also a recognition that within the investment industry there are too many middle men and too many mediocre performers being paid excessively for the services they provide.  For most products and services we have significantly lower overall fees and for our more sophisticated products we have performance hurdles that must be met before our fees fall in line with industry standards.  By ensuring a lower fee structure in flat and down markets, we are able to cushion our investors’ net returns.

Additionally, we have mandated that all partners and employees must have the majority of their investable assets with the firm, under the identical fee structure we offer our clients, further ensuring that our interests are aligned with those of our investors.